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Health and Wellbeing (JSNA)


The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment identifies the current and future health and well-being needs of people in Bristol, focusing particularly on those groups or areas of the city experiencing health inequalities and poorer health outcomes. The JSNA is carried out jointly by Bristol City Council and NHS Bristol. It brings detailed information on local health needs together in one place and looks into the future to identify some new and emerging challenges. Data behind the JSNA is mapped and analysed by equalities groups where possible.

JSNA Home Page

The JSNA is primarily for commissioning and service managers. The aim is to allow Bristol City Council, NHS Bristol and partners to strategically position resources and services in order to meet changing population needs and, if necessary, to redesign services to address these future challenges.

The following content is related to this theme:

Data views

Data views are collections of related statistical indicators, presented in a range of formats for viewing or downloading.
We recommend using the "atlas" formats to visualise and compare data, and identify patterns and trends.

Area profiles

Area profiles combine data, graphics and interpretative text to give a statistical summary of each region within Bristol.
First select a profile, then select the geographic area you would like to see summarised.

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