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Quality of Life

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life in your Neighbourhood survey began in 2001 and provides an annual snapshot of quality of life in Bristol. It gives residents an opportunity to voice their opinions about quality of life issues close to their hearts. Questions are asked covering a wide variety of topics ranging from perception of crime to access to services and satisfaction with various aspects of the neighbourhood. Residents are selected at random from the electoral register. Each year between 4000 and 6000 residents respond allowing analysis to be taken down to ward level and equalities group.

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Data views

Data views are collections of related statistical indicators, presented in a range of formats for viewing or downloading.
We recommend using the "atlas" formats to visualise and compare data, and identify patterns and trends.

Area profiles

Area profiles combine data, graphics and interpretative text to give a statistical summary of each region within Bristol.
First select a profile, then select the geographic area you would like to see summarised.

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