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The English Indices of Deprivation provide a relative ranking of areas across England according to their level of deprivation. The indices are based on the premise that multiple deprivation is made up of the following separate dimensions, or 'domains' of deprivation: Income Deprivation, Employment Deprivation, Health Deprivation and Disability, Education, Skills and Training Deprivation, Barriers to Housing and Services, Living Environment Deprivation and Crime.

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Data views

Data views are collections of related statistical indicators, presented in a range of formats for viewing or downloading.
We recommend using the "atlas" formats to visualise and compare data, and identify patterns and trends.

Area profiles

Area profiles combine data, graphics and interpretative text to give a statistical summary of each region within Bristol.
First select a profile, then select the geographic area you would like to see summarised.


Please refer to these additional resources for further context and interpretation of the data.

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