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 Data View: Acorn Segmentation 2015

A description of Data View

* Identifier Acorn-2015
* Label Acorn Segmentation 2015
* Comment CACI Acorn Segmentation provides a useful insight into the characteristics of citizens by location. The resource provides an average segment group at household level which are based on 58 variables including age, income, health, deprivation, education etc. These segments can be plotted on a map to provide geodemographic analysis of residents & enable service delivery to be targetted to those most in need. Source: CACI Acorn Segmentation 2015
* Type DataView
* Dublin Core Type
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* Homepage
* Modified 2018-12-04 15:45:26
* Notation Acorn-2015
* Requires D City Sophisticates
E Career Climbers
F Countryside Communities
G Successful Suburbs
H Steady Neighbourhoods
I Comfortable Seniors
J Starting Out
K Student Life
L Modest Means
M Striving Families
N Poorer Pensioners
O Young Hardship
P Struggling Estates
Q Difficult Circumstances
R Not Private Households

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